At Russ Burden Photography, we do more than just create a flattering image for your senior yearbook. Here are the TOP TEN REASONS to choose Russ Burden to create your portrait.   

1.  “Excellence in Photography Needn’t be Expensive.” We have very affordable pricing with all our packages. Call us and I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

2.  THE LITTLE THINGS: We take the time to make sure the details aren’t overlooked. Hand placement, head positions, and body language are just a few of the items for which we show care.

3.  IT’S FUN! We make the photography session a fun experience. Every session is a new and rewarding experience for you AND me.

4.  RELAX! We make you feel relaxed and at ease allowing you to be yourself to capture your best expression.

5.  LIGHTING: Russ Burden has written many articles in internationally published photography magazines on the topic of outdoor lighting. He knows light!

6.  BACKGROUNDS: Russ has also written articles on composition and the importance of choosing proper backgrounds. He knows composition!

7.  ALL ABOUT YOU: When we schedule a session, it’s devoted 100% to you. We don’t schedule two seniors for the same time slot and try to cram in as many sessions as possible. If you schedule a sitting with a good friend, this would be the only time we would do simultaneous sessions.

8.  VARIETY: The outdoor location in which I shoot is a hidden gem and not used by lots of other photographers resulting in a senior portrait that doesn’t look like every other senior portrait.

9.  CLOTHING MATTERS: We talk to you about what to wear to make you look your best. You get to be photographed in three different outfits and receive 30 proofs!

10.  PROPS: Although most high schools don’t allow props to be included in the yearbook photo, if there’s something dear to you, we will take a few shots of you with that item - car, pet, musical instrument, etc.

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The nature photo tour images that appear on Russ BurdenPhotography.com are available for sale. All pictures are printed on archival paper ensuring long life and lasting color. Please contact Russ Burden Nature Photography Tours at rburden@ecentral.com or call him at 303.791.9997 for more information regarding prices and shipping. Join Russ on one of his photo tours.