It’s often possible my tour dates don’t coincide with your busy schedule but you’d still like to go to that location. Or it’s possible you have a group of photographer friends that like to travel together. When possible, I can meet your needs and run a small private tour for yourself and your friends to a given location on dates not specified in my itineraries. These custom tours can be arranged upon request. Cost will be determined by the number of participants.
     I will even do private photo tours giving one on one instruction for those who want a more personalized experience in the field. As a former teacher of 27 years, I know the power of being instructed in small group settings. One on one private instruction is a very effective method of improving your photographic skills.

      Another facet of my business is to run exploratory tours. There are many locations I haven’t been to which I’d love to photograph, but time constraints don’t allow me to fully research them. If you and a small group of friends have a location you wish to photograph that doesn’t appear on my tour list, let’s plan an outing. We’ll travel there and I’ll share my knowledge with you as to how I go about researching a new area. The fee will be lower than for a regular tour and you’ll still get the benefit of my photographic expertise. Often it’s a more powerful learning tool in that you’ll learn my secrets of scouting a brand new spot. Cost will be determined by the number of participants.


The nature photo tour images that appear on Russ are available for sale. All pictures are printed on archival paper ensuring long life and lasting color. Please contact Russ Burden Nature Photography Tours at or call him at 303.791.9997 for more information regarding prices and shipping. Join Russ on one of his photo tours.

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