Having recently joined Russ on a photo tour to the Tetons & Yellowstone, he showed that he has in depth knowledge on the subjects he is talking about. Russ DEFINITELY knows his locations, times of day to be there, and where to find the animals. That only comes from doing your homework, and knowing your subjects. On the tour we nicknamed him "Dr. Doolittle" as he seemed to be able to talk with the animals and make them appear around the next bend in the road, almost on cue! Do not hesitate to take a tour with Russ! I promise you will not be disappointed, and he will expand your photographic knowledge and ability immensely.
Jim: Corona, CAI've done six trips with Russ over the past four years.  I always come home with "Wall Shots" that are worthy of hanging in any photo gallery.  Russ's knowledge of the tour locations is unbelievable. His background of being a school teacher allows him to teach the participants better than any tour guide I've worked with. Most of all, his passion for photography, ability tochase light, and his sense of humor make the trips an unforgettable experience. I plan to continue doing trips with Russ, most of them several times.
Patrick: Denver, Colorado

Dear Russ,
Just thought I'd tell you how much I enjoyed the trip and how much I really did learn - your love of photography, your enthusiasm and most of all your patience and willingness to teach. I really plan to be on a trip with you again next year. The trip to the Oregon Coast was very successful for many reasons: Your knowledge of the area and thus ability to chose the right scenics to photograph at the right time; the individual instruction which you gave and the overall comfort and geniality of the trip. I'd go on one of your future trips in a minute.
Best regards.
Joan: Flushing, NY

Hi Russ,
How are you doing? I just want to let you know that was a great tour. Without exaggeration I will remember this Tour for a long time, if not forever. It would take a year or more to learn the photography I learned in that week. Congratulations, you did a great job.
Hughe: Queens, New York

Russ Burden is my friend and teacher. All I know and understand about light I have learned with him. My grand prize winner 'Down the Shores of Shallow River,' my 12 win prized 'Shallow River' and 'Splendor At Oxbow Bend' [panorama] and all my beautiful photos of Wyoming were shot under his guidance. Photos from Oregon Coast, were also shot during my participation in his photo tour. I have learned much from him plus enjoyed his company and most of all with this great creation of which God created which is Nature. We will see each other again on another photo tour.
Viveca: Puerto Rico

How do I thank you for the invaluable information you gave. I intend to practice all the principles. Thank you ever so much for sharing your expertise!! Even more so I thank you for your immense patience and willingness to stick with me. I truly did learn lot from you. You also have given me something even more than knowledge of the craft - you gave me hope that maybe someday I can be a good photographer. What more can a teacher give than hope! As I told you, I want you to some day be able to say, "I knew her when!!
Thanks again Russ!
Paulette: GEORGIA

Dear Russ
This was my third photo trip with you and they have all been exciting, informative, and educational. I always return home with more information on the various aspects of my camera and how to use it to strengthen my photography. Your individual sessions enabled me to proceed at my own speed and not be pressured as others advanced.
Dorothy: Elmont, NY

Dear Russ
Just wanted to say again how much I appreciated all your super human efforts to show us these two most beautiful parks in the best light. I will always treasure our elk in the lake, the joy of watching the pink glow of dawn creep down the faces of the mountains, and all our companionable discussions. It has been a wonderful trip.
Shawna: California
Yes! Yes! The photo tour was the greatest week I have spent shooting. Along doing it with such nice people made it all a truly memorable time. The memories will remain through the many photos that were taken. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and experience to know where to be to capture the wonderful beauty we saw at each location.
Frances: Littleton, Colorado

Hi Russ.
First I would like to say how much I enjoyed the tour and the company.  I just got my work back last Friday, I edited it, and I must say I was very pleased. My shots of the canyon were very good. I saw some difference in the shots taken on the first and second day at the canyon - the second day was very very good. Thanks for the instruction.
Valerie: New York

JOE: New York

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