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Photographer: Reed Nelson
Tour Location: Bosque and White Sands
Description: It was our last morning in Bosque and Russ took us to a pond where he thought we would have a good chance to experience the morning fly-in of the Snow Geese at sunrise. As the Sun rose, thousands of Snow Geese filled the sky with the most amazing sunrise in the background. Russ picked the perfect pond and I got an award winning photo because of him. This photo took 1st place in the wildlife category of the 19th Annual National Juried Photography Show presented by The Louisville Art Association. Thank you, Russ.


Photographer: Suzie Wrenn
Tour Location: Hunts Mesa/Monument Valley
Description: HDR Image of Monument Valley with dramatic sky


Photographer: Grover Wrenn
Tour Location: Bosque Del Apache/White Sands National Monument December 2009
White Snow on the White Sands of New Mexico; A Very Rare Occurrence


Photographer: Steve Goodman
Tour Location:Florida Birds 2009
A great egret preens in early morning light at a lagoon in Fort Myers Beach, Florida


Photographer: Reed Nelson
Tour Location:Bosque and White Sands
Description: It was our last night with Russ at White Sands as we walked the dunes in fierce winds. Despite the high winds, Russ felt like something incredible was about to happen. As we choose our spots to set up our cameras, the sky began to show color. In no time, it was on fire. Standing in the ferocious wind, holding down my tripod, and photographing this amazing scene was an experience I will never forget. Russ brought me to a magical place and I was ecstatic with the photos I captured. This photo took first place in my photo club's monthly competition in the "Scenic category". Thanks so much, Russ.


Photographer: Grover Wrenn
Tour Location: Hunts Mesa/Monument Valley December 2009
Monument Valley from abandoned roadside shed


Photographer: Suzie Wrenn
Tour Location:Bosque Del Apache/White Sands December 2009
Description: The first time you experience the sight and sound of the Snow Geese blast-off is ....


Photographer: Steve Goodman
Tour Location: Florida Birds 2010
Description: A white ibis stalks small fish and crustaceans in a lagoon in Fort Myers Beach, Florida


Photographer: Rickie Chit
Tour Location: Florida Birds 2009
Description:South Florida: Bird's Haven, Nature Photographer's Paradise



Photographer: Boris Krivoruk
Tour Location: Hunts Mesa & Capital Reef
Description: Sunrise from Hunts Mes


Photographer: Nancy E. Myer
Tour Location:Grand Teton/Yellowstone National Parks-Spring (2009)
Description:This was taken with backlight from the low-angle morning sun through the wafting steam from a distant geyser. I liked the pattern of the dark trees receding through the lighter steam. I tried to mimic the look of a 19th Century postcard of Yellowstone.


Photographer: Jim Doolittle
Tour Location: Tetons Yellowstone Autumn
Description: Russ choreographed this scene in GTNP and placed us ahead of the action to get a dozen images of these horses and the dusty background. Even in the middle of the day with harsh, full sun we were making great images.


Photographer: Frank Fiorentino
Tour Location: Tetons and Yellowstone June 2010
Description: This may be a classic shot that every photographer visiting the Tetons has in their catalog but for me this summed up the entire trip. It was the morning before we were to begin our journey home and my last chance to get this shot. Everything fell into place from the perfect lighting (and it's all about the light) to the deep blue sky. There is a lot to see in the Tetons but for some reason pictures of the barn with the majestic peaks in the background always come to my mind as iconic

Photographer: Dan Greenberg
Tour Location: Hunts Mesa 2005
Description: Monument Valley photographed from the place where we camped on Hunts Mesa at dawn. It really helps to be in the right place at just the right time.


Photographer: Jim Doolittle
Tour Location: Oregon and Northern California
Description: This was shot a good bit after sundown when most photographers would be packing up. I was tripod to tripod with Russ when he taught me the in-camera technique for making dream-like effects from otherwise boring waves. Sunrise and sunset on the Oregon coast is a must-see for any photographer…I may take this tour a second time.


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